Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 5, 2011


Night was ended and
Day comes
To you who groped in the moonless land
Leading by a tiny isolated star of hope

Wind was passed and
Dust settles down
To you who stepped blindly in the storm of sand
Holding a petite unfazed flower of trust

Dark clouds were blown away by your determined will
Sky blues again
After rain

Oh! The magnificent scene
Sky after rain

Let fly up
Together the dragonflies
Let fly up
Together the butterflies
Into the very blue endless sky
Not any hue is comparable to the color of sky
To be blue after rain

End your desperate acts
End your deep sorrows
End your doubts
End your shames

Let blue like sky
After rain

Your blinded eye was cleared
Your hurtful heart was healed
Your dull mind was shined
Your tainted name was cleaned

Let blue like sky
After rain

Now is your time
To get your wonderland
To get your treasures
To get your identity
To get your name
In the limelight
Of lifetime

Let blue like sky
After rain

Now is the time to fly up
High to the stardom
To go where you dream to
To get who you love to
To do when you want to
To achieve what you deserve to
This is your destiny

Let blue like sky
After rain
                                                               Last day of May 2011
                                                                     Nguyễn Phú